About Us

Our Concept

The word Ruba means green rolling hills overlooking mountainscapes. Lebanon is blessed with picturesque views of green countrysides, painted with pastel colors, designed to evoke peace and serenity. Ruba have enhanced this escape from urban madness and brings you closer to rural sanity.

Our settings, aromas, flavors, services, and warm hospitality will transport you to that place. Sync in harmony with Ruba and reach a sea of internal tranquility.

Whether you are dining with family, or hanging out with friends, guests, staff or business partners, Ruba brings you the authentic spirit of Lebanese culture and “Joie de vivre” and leaves you craving for more.

The concept and refined cuisine are great for sharing and socializing, ideal for families, friends and groups to come together and have an amazing time while enjoying superb service and superior food standards. Ruba intends to bring the famed Lebanese hospitality to your gatherings.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a commitment to consistently serve palatable creations using the freshest ingredients with an abundance of whole grains, flat breads, vegetables, healthy oils, and herbs, cross pollinated with Mediterranean spices by experienced hands.
All our food and highest quality fresh ingredients are prepared and cooked by highly skilled chefs, with working habitats continuously at peak hygienic standards. We use no additives, no preservatives, only the best quality meat, chicken and seafood are used for the fantastic menu selection of marinated grills.

An apron style home cooking, mouthwatering Mezze, sizzling grilled meats and fish, complimented by a specialty of homemade desserts will each, on its own, greet your growling appetites.

We are here to serve the community we are part of. Ruba’s management is fully committed to staff and guests to ensure a harmonious, joyful atmosphere.

Food is our passion, so Ruba’s kitchen assure that every served dish is selected with passion to bring together a sensationally delicious, healthy, and exquisite dining experience for yourselves and your esteemed guests.