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The Ruba Story

One of the best restaurants in Teddington was born out of a desire to reflect the love of food, hospitality and generosity that are the pillars of Lebanese culture. The whole Ruba team are dedicated to this vision.

The hospitality business is in my blood. I grew up in the foothills of the mountains in Lebanon, where home cooking and celebrations were part of everyday life. Even now, it’s common to have at least 20 people over for lunch every Sunday in my family home in Lebanon; eating, drinking and singing until dusk.

Food is evocative…flavours and aromas have a magical ability to take us to a different time and place. I vividly remember the taste and smell of my grandma’s food – almost everything she used was home-grown on our farm. She made the best Kebbeh (a delicious mix of bulgar wheat and aromatically spiced lamb) I’ve ever tasted and it’s a dish I’m proud to have on our menu.

The hospitality gene runs deep in my family. It was after a decade working with my aunt and uncle in their London restaurant (whilst also studying for a degree in Business IT and Marketing) that the spark for Ruba was ignited. My head chef Joseph is key to the business; luckily I persuaded him to leave Lebanon and take on the challenge with me when we opened in 2018. Now here he is, cooking not only traditional Lebanese food, but some of his own signature dishes too – and everything to perfection.

Ultimately, my love of people and hospitality won over my degree subjects. Sometimes you have to go a long way from home to discover your true calling – and some of us find that calling was there all along, we just didn’t know it!

Make Yourself At Home At Our Restaurant In Teddington

Customers always say they feel at home at Ruba and this was exactly my intention when creating our interior. ‘Ruba’ means green rolling hills, and the beautiful region of Lebanon where I grew up was the inspiration for our design; the green mountains overlooking the Mediterranean; the grape vines in front of each house, where we drink coffee in the shade; the traditional pastel colours and arches.

It’s thanks to my great friend, Mr Elie El Hage, an interior designer from the same region in Lebanon, that we can transport customers to warmer, sunnier climes with a true feeling of being ‘at home’.

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Would you like to join the Ruba family?

We are more than a business – we work as a family. We’re fully invested in our staff and committed to building careers and not just jobs. For the right candidates, there are unrivalled opportunities to become Lebanese cuisine and hospitality professionals. We’re always on the lookout for amazing people to work with, so if you’re passionate about learning and developing long-lasting friendships in a fun, caring environment, send your CV to info@rubarestaurant.co.uk or call us on 0208287 0191.